About US


Sea Urchin Harvest Pty Ltd is an award winning Australian family owned business that specializes in diving, processing and selling fresh Sea Urchin Roe. We are located in Tomakin on the South Coast of New South Wales, where there is an abundance of premium Sea Urchins

The delicate but large Sea Urchin Roe found along this coast line have a maximum natural sweetness which is unique to the NSW South Coast.

Sea Urchin Harvest is the diver. Chris has been diving for over 35 years and is regarded as one of the best Sea Urchin divers in Australia. His dedication to premium product and freshness, combined with his knowledge of the best spots to dive, set Chris apart from other divers.

The harvesting of Sea Urchin Roe is a delicate process as the Roe can easily be damaged. Sea Urchin Harvest has a highly experienced team of processors dedicated to processing to the highest standards in our “A” rated HACCP factory.

Our processing factory in Tomakin is only 5 minutes drive from the boat ramp. This means we can get the Sea Urchins quickly to our factory, allowing us to control the temperature better and deliver the freshest and most premium Sea Urchin Roe in Australia for same day shipping.

At Sea Urchin Harvest we dive to order and are confident that the taste of our Sea Urchin Roe will leave you satisfied.

Please Contact Diver to discuss an order. We look forward to your call.