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October 26, 2020


Sea Urchin Harvest offers the freshest and tastiest Sea Urchin Uni in Australia!

Buy your Sea Urchin Uni online now!


Sea Urchin Uni

Sea Urchin Harvest's award winning Sea Urchin Uni has a natural light sweet creaminess that is perfectly tasty and unique to the South Coast of N.S.W.

Sea urchins are found in every ocean of the world, across many climate zones, from polar to tropical. If you've walked on essentially any beach on the planet, it’s likely you've once come across the spiky echinoderm.

For most people, what springs to mind when thinking of a sea urchin is a marine animal that leaves behind a beautiful exoskeleton that you can even collect as a souvenir.

However for other people, sea urchins are known as one of the most sublime delicacies found in the sea. Sea urchins have been viewed like this for centuries by people of the Mediterranean, native Alaskans, and East Asians just to name a few.

Taste-wise, the uni has a distinct deep savoury umami and a fresh salty taste form the sea. The texture is extremely soft; the little red clouds literally melt in your mouth the moment you bite into them, and the sea taste and the creamy texture of uni are quite similar to that of salmon roe.


Sea Urchin White Uni @ Sea Urchin Harvest

Despite its name, Sea Urchin White Uni actually isn’t completely white. It’s spines are whitish and its tube feet are pale, but the spines can be brownish at the base and the shell can be variably pale-coloured, from greenish or yellowish to brownish. The spines are different lengths, the diameter of the test reaches 9cm while the height is only 3cm.

The whitest sea urchin is a subtidal species found to 1600m deep, and inhabits rocky areas.


Creamy Pods Sea Urchin Uni @ Sea Urchin Harvest

We like to call our Creamy Pods Sea Urchin Uni the freshest sea urchin uni in Australia.

Creamy Pods - Sea Urchin Uni is simply delicious, maintaining the creamy sweet delicate flavour of fresh sea urchin unique to the NSW south coast.

When cracking the Sea Urchin, the roe is cleaned and sorted into grades, and any broken pieces are used for our Creamy Pods tubs. These are best consumed as a snack, or chirashi, soup, fried rice, or creamy pasta for dinner.


Ensui Sea Urchin Uni @ Sea Urchin Harvest

The taste of Winter Ensui Sea Urchin Uni is as if you were at the beach, freshly cracking the Sea urchin Uni open right there and devouring it.

The freshness and the creamy sweetness of the Sea urchin Uni is sure to melt away in your mouth. Sea Urchin Harvest’s sea urchin Ensui has been considered one of the best way of packaging Uni in the winter months. After the Uni is cracked open and cleaned, it’s returned to saltwater (Ensui).

This method ensures and maintains the most natural taste and texture of Uni, in brine. This product is purely natural. Drain salt water and eat as it is. Sea Urchin Ensui is best consumed in: sushi, chirashi, soup or as a creamy pasta for dinner.


Sea Urchin Harvest sells premium Sea Urchin Uni & Sea Urchin Roe from Australia’s iconic east coast. All of our Uni is caught fresh and delivered straight to you! If you have any questions about ordering Sea Urchin Uni for your commercial business please get in contact via the Contact Us Page or alternatively call us on 0414 441 136.

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