The quintessential ocean flavour and unique consumptive experience

The flavour of sea urchin is so fragile it is hard to caviar, the urchin flavours unfurl in your mouth with a delicate blend of sweetness and brine, creaminess, with a sumptuous unami undertaste. All in all, delicate and rich, a uniquely blended sweet and briny taste. The texture adds another layer to the taste experience, it is buttery, smooth and melting.


The five distinct flavours

  • Sweetness
  • Creaminess
  • Briny, oceanic
  • Umami
  • Savoury

When you eat sea urchin you may experience:

  • Sweet creaminess
  • A delicate blend of sweetness and brine
  • A velvety smooth texture
  • A buttery mousse texture
  • Coating of the mouth with a pleasant mild aftertaste
  • Rich nutty flavours
  • A nostalgic seafood essense
  • A taste like it’s straight from the ocean

How do we best deliver you these flavours?

Premium gold uni is graded 5A

This is a high grade uni used for sashimi style dishes. Bright gold, yellow or orange colour with a sweety buttery taste. Dry, firm and buttery in texture, our large and complete pieces of roe retains a salty ocean freshness you can smell.

Kina—delicous roe in brine

A mix of hues ranging from bright yellow to a pale, dusty brown colour, our Kina has a very strong ocean scent with a soft creamy texture. Pieces are often broken pieces of roe made for eating.

Creamy pods

Our Creamy Pods are pieces of roe that were almost Uni. These pieces are not whole but broken 5A quality with a bright gold, yellow or orange colour. This is a medium grade roe with a soft creamy texture and a fresh salty ocean flavour used for soups, sauces or dishes that include other ingredients.

Ensui uni

Premium gold Uni is graded 5A but in brine. Ensui Uni tastes like it has just been cracked open at the beach. With a bright gold, yellow or orange colour and a dry, firm and buttery texture, our Ensui Uni have a fresh salty ocean scent with a sweet buttery taste. Uni selections are large and complete pieces of roe. This is a high grade Uni used for eating straight out of the tub.

Sea Urchin Harvest acknowledges the assistance of NSW DPI and SNWIC in developing this flavour profile.

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