Exporting NSW Australian Sea Urchin Around the World

For export and wholesale Uni and Kina enquires we welcome you to contact Sea Urchin Harvest director, Chris Theodore directly.

Dish made with sea urchin
Collection sea urchins
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Sea Urchin Seasonality Graph

Long Spine Sea Urchin

Uni 5 Pocket tray product

Uni 5 Pocket Tray

Custom weights available 90g-100g-110g

70 trays per carton

Ensui (Sea Urchin in Brine)

Ensui (Sea Urchin in Brine)

125 grams

40 punnets per CTN

KINA (Broken Sea Urchin Roe)

KINA (Broken Sea Urchin Roe)

100g and 150g tubs available

60 tubs per carton

A Little About Sea Urchin Harvest

Sea Urchin Harvest Exporters

Sea urchin Harvest was established in 2009 and is a company that specialises in processing and exporting Australian sea urchin roe products, direct from diver to importer. Chris Theodore director, has over 25 year’s experience in the abalone and sea urchin industry. Chris works closely with his specialised dive team to source and produce the best quality sea urchin roe chilled products in Australia. Our team exports this premium product Australia wide and internationally to Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, New Zealand, Taiwan and Korea.

Sea Urchin Harvest - your source for sustainably harvested sea urchin

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