5 New Ways To Enjoy Sea Urchin Uni

5 New Ways To Enjoy Sea Urchin Uni
At Sea Urchin Harvest we have been catching and selling Sea Urchin Uni for over 35 years!

As you can imagine we absolutely love to eat it ourselves and over the years have found the best ways to enjoy this delicious seafood.

The majority of people who are familiar with Sea Urchin Uni have, for the most part, only seen it severed as sushi. Sushi is a great way to first experience Sea Urchin Uni as the plain rice allows you to get the full flavour of the uni. As to be expected, Uni Roe has a seafood flavour somewhat similar to that of other ocean dwellers such as lobster or oysters.

Sea Urchin Uni is often regarded as an acquired taste. However, more and more chefs have begun to incorporate it into a range of dishes for those people seeking culinary diversity and a new taste experience. The great health benefits of Uni have also led to its growing popularity.

We’ve put together a list of 5 great ways to try eating Sea Urchin Uni:

1. Risotto with Sea Urchin, Dill & Smoked Caviar - This flavoursome dish takes a classic risotto and elevates it through the addition of Uni and a few other ingredients.

2. Linguine with Sea Urchin - Who doesn’t love a Linguine dish? This pasta dish is simpler but in no way less tasty. The addition of uni also makes the dish more healthy but be careful, you may fall in love with eating pasta this way!

3. Sea Urchin Bruschetta - This is a great way to diversify your appetisers if you are hosting a cocktail party. A complex and rich combination of flavours ensures it to be a hit.

4. Sea Urchin Ceviche - Enjoy your Uni Sea Urchin on a bed of rice and vegetables Latin style! The combination of tangy salad and Uni will definitely be a dish to remember.

5. Sea Urchin Sauce - It is easy to transform Sea Urchin Uni into a variety of sauces. These sauces make a rich accompaniment to many types of pasta, seafood dishes, or even fish tacos.

There you have it! five new simple ways to prepare and easy to enjoy Sea Urchin Uni!

Sea Urchin Harvest sells premium Uni & Urchin Roe from Australia’s iconic east coast. All of our Uni is caught fresh and delivered fresh to you! If you have any questions about ordering Sea Urchin Uni for your commercial business please get in contact via the Contact Us Page or alternatively call us on 0414 441 136

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