How to Cook with Sea Urchin


Sea Urchin has always been an interesting delicacy, you wouldn’t think to eat such a spikey animal! However, Sea Urchin Harvest can tell you many ways to cook with it!

However, the applications of sea urchin in meals is actually quite large and on the rise!

Firstly, where can you buy it?

Sea Urchin Harvest sells premium Sea Urchin Uni & Sea Urchin Roe from Australia’s iconic east coast. All of our Uni is caught fresh and delivered fresh to you, so there really isn’t any other choice than us, right?

How to prepare sea urchin:

  1. When preparing a whole sea urchin, flip it upside-down over a bowl of water and use a sharp knife or scissors to cut an opening all the way around the mouth (but be careful not to poke the inside of the uni).
  2. Now, slowly and carefully pull off the part of the shell that was attached to the mouth to expose the gonads, and invert the urchin over the water bowl to remove all liquids.
  3. Next, flip the urchin back over and remove any visible organs around the gonads with tweezer-like tools. Use a spoon to gently pry gonads away from the shell.
  4. Dunk the whole urchin in a bowl of cold water to help keep the gonads together, and then use a spoon to scoop gonads out of the shell and onto a dry surface like a kitchen towel or paper towels.
  5. Use tweezers to remove any other visible organs.


  1. Add raw sea urchin on top of rice to make uni sushi, or use it on top of delicious pasta
  2. Uni can actually help thicken soups, custards, and sauces, such as mayonnaise and hollandaise.
  3. Add to omelettes or scrambled eggs.
  4. Serve raw on crackers or biccies, topped with a dash of lemon juice.
  5. Add the sea urchins to a barbecue so the protein and fat can help brown the meat.

Sea Urchin Harvest sells premium Sea Urchin Uni & Sea Urchin Roe from Australia’s iconic east coast. All of our Uni is caught fresh and delivered fresh to you! If you have any questions about ordering Sea Urchin Uni for your commercial business please get in contact via the Contact Us Page or alternatively call us on 0414 441 136.
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